Each month during the 2 1/2 hours you will be taught the skills and given the inspiration to create a single card.  After the tuition of this card you can use the time to either create more of what you have just learnt or continue with your own projects.

You will only be given tuition and materials for the single card, so will need to bring your own equipment etc for your additional projects.  This class will run for two sessions per month and the card produced will be the same in each class that particular month.

We do not require a deposit for this class but we do request you let us know if you intend coming and on which day.  Maximum number of spaces per session are limited to 8.

Dates for 2014

Month                                   Saturday                                                              Tuesday

January                                      4th                                                                        14th
February                                     1st                                                                        11th
March                                         8th                                                                        11th
April                                           5th                                                                         8th
May                                            3rd                                                                       13th
June                                            7th                                                                       10th
July                                            5th                                                                        8th
August                                       2nd                                                                       12th
September                                 6th                                                                          9th
October                                    4th                                                                          14th
November                                1st                                                                          11th
December                                 6th                                                                         9th

All dates are subject to change.

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